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Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • It feels like I am often agitated, frustrated, or angry.
  • I have a hard time expressing or dealing with feelings
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough.
  • Relationships have been hard to keep up.
  • I feel disconnected from myself and other people.
  • It is hard to “be strong” all the time.

Many people struggle with dealing with the difficulties life throws at us.  Men, for example, are told to manage issues internally.  To remain stoic, and be immune to normal feelings of grief, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety.  Even worse for those who are also LGBT or have race specific problems they run into.

If these scenarios feel familiar, you may benefit from counseling.  Hearth Fire Counseling provides adult mental health counseling services and are based in the Chicago Loop area.  We will work together to break down these issues and find solutions.

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Counselor Dennis Nguyen
Counselor Dennis Nguyen

Dennis Nguyen, LCSW

I’m Dennis Nguyen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Chicago. I earned my Masters in Social Work at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and worked there for a few years before moving to Illinois in summer of 2017. I’ve done a little bit of everything, including refugee/unaccompanied minor foster care therapy, therapy with high risk Medicaid children and their families, emergency room psychiatric assessments, hospice, and hospital discharge planning.  I hope that my diverse skill set can help my clients grow.

I have a strong interest in men’s issues.  Many men struggle with how cultural norms of masculinity interfere with their ability to be happy and healthy individuals.  Some challenges include physical intimacy, asking for help, expressing emotions, body image, and relationship issues.  My hope is to help men of all types grow more comfortable with themselves.

I have a passion for LGBTQIA needs.  As the world rapidly changes, more folks are finding new ways to express their gender, sexuality, and identity.  Transitions of all kinds can be difficult, so my goal is to help folks figure out ways to manage these changes as they grow.

Other clinical interests/specialties

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Gender Expression and Identity
  • Sexuality
  • Trauma
  • Grief, Death, and Loss
  • Transitional Difficulties
  • Polyamory or Non-Traditional Relationships
  • Self-esteem

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Currently providing services in:
Chicago Compass Counseling
333 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 704
Chicago IL 60601.


Private Pay

At this time we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO.  In the near future, we hope to accept United Health Care.

Initial Assessment (90 minutes) : $200

Regular Therapy Services (50 minutes) : $150

Out of Network Benefits

You may have insurance out of network benefits that you can utilize even if a therapist isn’t in your insurance’s network.  It is always best to discuss these benefits and the claims process with your insurance for the most accurate information.  Generally, a client can request a superbill from their therapist and submit a claim request to their insurance for reimbursement.  Clients will have to privately pay at the time of service.


Hearth Fire Counseling is a mental health counseling company with a particular focus on men’s issues and LGBT/queer issues.  It was founded in 2018.

What is a hearth?

A hearth is a brick or stone lined fireplace.  Before the age of modern ovens, the hearth was a central fixture in the home, providing a gathering place for warmth and cooking.  It used to be such an important facet of day to day life that people even worshiped gods of the hearth, such as the Greek goddess Hestia.  Everyone needed the fire and people knew it was essential to manage the hearth to keep their lives running.  Hearth Fire Counseling gets its name from the idea that we still have a hearth:  it’s our home as a whole,  our physical and mental health, and our families.  Thus it also has to be maintained, just not with wood or a fire poker.  From time to time we have to reflect on our hearths; see which parts need to be adjusted, notice what isn’t working anymore, and what else we can do to grow and thrive.  At Hearth Fire Counseling, we hope to remind folks to tend to their “hearths” so they can maintain a healthy and functional life.