Hearth Fire Counseling is a mental health counseling company with a particular focus on men’s issues and LGBT/queer issues.  It was founded in 2018.

What is a hearth?

A hearth is a brick or stone lined fireplace.  Before the age of modern ovens, the hearth was a central fixture in the home, providing a gathering place for warmth and cooking.  It used to be such an important facet of day to day life that people even worshiped gods of the hearth, such as the Greek goddess Hestia.  Everyone needed the fire and people knew it was essential to manage the hearth to keep their lives running.  Hearth Fire Counseling gets its name from the idea that we still have a hearth:  it’s our home as a whole,  our physical and mental health, and our families.  Thus it also has to be maintained, just not with wood or a fire poker.  From time to time we have to reflect on our hearths; see which parts need to be adjusted, notice what isn’t working anymore, and what else we can do to grow and thrive.  At Hearth Fire Counseling, we hope to remind folks to tend to their “hearths” so they can maintain a healthy and functional life.